Calendar won't accept event type from drop down

I have been trying to add a PLC to our calendar. In the drop down if I choose Patrol Leaders Council I get the error: Error “eventType” must be valid in lookup “calendareventtypes”, “description” is not allowed to be empty

If I choose “Other” I get the error:
Error “description” is not allowed to be empty

Screenshots attached.

Same problem trying to add Committee Meeting - says event type can’t be empty.

@ConstanceF is your description empty would be first question

@ConstanceF - I get the event type must be valid in lookup

No. See screen shots.

I am just choosing from the provided drop downs - not making anything up. but when I click save/create event I get the errors

I’m getting this for every kind of event - essentially cannot add events to the calendar.

@ConstanceF try a Shift + refresh Page

@ConstanceF - the ctrl-f5 worked for me… give that a try

I tried the shift command R for a MAC. Same result

try a private or incognito window

@ConstanceF - are you working in safari or chrome ? Your screen caps do not include the description section so it is unknown to us if that box is void of text

Thanks for that tip - instead I switched to Safari and the problem solved then - I was able to save (I use Chrome normally).

Any thoughts about how to fix this in chrome?

First guess would be an extension you have installed like a pop up blocker - try an incognito in Chrome - that would answer the question

@ConstanceF - I am using chrome at work so it has no add-ins and it worked flawlessly after the forced refresh.

I think it was my pop up blocker (Ublock) - not sure why it just started to do this because I’ve had it all along and just started having this issue. But looks like issue solved when I disabled it for the calendar site. Thanks so much.

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