Can't create PLC Meeting Type in Edge

I get the following error message when creating a new PLC Meeting.
Error “eventType” must be valid in lookup “calendareveenttypes”

I have a meeting that migrated as event type “Patrol Leaders' Council” but the new one is being created without the slash and apostrophe. If I create the meeting as another type and try to re-save it, I get the error message “invalid eventType”

FYI this was all done in Microsoft Edge. After writing this all up, I tried Chrome and it all worked as it should. Interestingly, the Event Type drop-down list in Chrome has an apostrophe while the list in Edge doesn’t.

Did you try forcing a refresh in Edge? It’s sounds like it’s caching an older version that’s not matching up with the current database.

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Clearing the cache seems to have solved it.

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