Camping Merit Badge - Reporting Bug

I have a scout that started the camping Merit Badge in June of 2018 and they are 75% completed. When I run a custom report to show progress of everyone in the troop against the camping merit badge, that scout is the only one that is not showing any of the requirements complete in the report (even though the report shows the MB is “In Progress” for him). None of my other scouts that haven’t completed the MB, started the MB that far back.

On some of the MBs that have had updated requirements you have the ability to click on a year box to flip to the newer version of the MB in the scouts MB requirements, but that isn’t there for him for Camping.

In the report, it should show the 2018 version for him, and the newer version for the other Scouts.

Is this not happening?

Sorry, yes you are correct, it is all the way down at the bottom (rows 47 - 87 of the exported .csv file. Thanks!

However, shouldn’t I be able to switch him to the newer version of the Merit Badge in his advancements? It doesn’t give me the button to switch to view using the newer requirements.

Once a scout starts a merit badge it is their right to finish on that version. You can click % Complete box and REMOVE the badge, but you would need to note what is complete to mark again

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