Camping MB v2016 error

I ran a report in February which shows the progress a Scout has made on their Camping MB. However, when I look at it today, the summary shows 0% complete and when I select it I get an error.

First, how can I get this completed for this Scout.

Second, what if I didn’t have the report from February. I wouldn’t have a record of what the Scout completed.


Could you provide the URL of the report that is incorrect?

Could you provide details about exactly what you clicked that produced the whoops error?

When I run an Incomplete MB Report for the youth, I get information for the 2016 version of the Camping MB.

Ansel Kreft | Camping (2016) | 2, 9, 9b |

  • | - | - |

However, when I go into the Scout’s account, Select Advancement, and the Camping MB Requirements. Then try to select the 2016 year, I get the error.

Troop 53 B Unassigned Ansel K. Advancement Camping MB Requirements

Is the information on the incomplete merit badge report wrong?

Can you also look at the scout’s membership? Do they have more than one current memberships? Does it have a green shield by it?

He is a member of a Crew and a Troop. Not sure why he has the 2 different Troop memberships.


He should have a current membership for each unit, so a troop membership and a crew membership is correct for this Scout / Venturer.

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