Camping Merit Badge - Scout checked off as complete when missing requirments

I have a Scout who has marked the Camping Merit Badge as complete

but 9b is still showing as not done

I thought that the COVID suspension of requirement 9b had expired. Its not mentioned as still being in effect on the latest on-line version of the merit badge Camping Merit Badge | Boy Scouts of America.

Chuck Olson
Troop 463
Sandy Springs, GA


The COVID suspension of 9b expired in 2022.

Scoutbook does not mark the badge as complete automatically until all the requirements, including #9 is complete. However a leader, parent or Scout can mark the badge as complete without any requirements being complete. That is true for any merit badge.

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Interesting - didn’t know that Scouts can mark a merit badge as completed. Thank you Bill and Ed.


Most awards can be marked complete without any underlying requirements being completed. The only exceptions are ranks where Req 3 (Merit Badges) and Tenure must be met before the rank can be marked complete.


Scouts can mark any of their advancements ‘complete’ (which means they think they are done with it. But only a leader can mark it ‘approved’ (signed off)

See the guide here: Scouts BSA and Scoutbook Check-marks - Scoutbook Knowledge Base

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