In-Complete and In-Progress Reports reporting Camping MB Reqt 9 incorrectly

These reports seem to be incorrectly reporting incomplete status for Camping Merit Badge reqt 9. Reqt 9 usually requires completion of all 3 of 9a, 9b, and 9c. 9b has been temporarily suspended due to COVID. But the report logic seems to think that the requirement is to now complete 2 of the 3 instead of to complete 9a and 9c, with 9b then being optional.

This incorrect reporting shows up in the case of one of our scouts who has completed 9b and 9c. The report does not show 9 as being incomplete (as he has not completed 9a).

For other scouts, it is showing status like:

  • 9, (2 of 9a, 9b, 9c)
  • 9*, (1 of 9a, 9c)
  • 9, (1 of 9a, 9b)

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