Can you change the Calendar ics file link?

The local pack recently had a very upsetting split up. A few bad apples tainted families with lies and this caused a rift in the pack. Ugly stuff and not good for scouting. They split and started a new pack. They have access to the old pack calendar if they subscribed. No one can tell who has access now, but the pack leadership asked if they can wipe the calendar and get a new one or change the ics file to block these unwanted new pack members. Btw - the district and council have no answer. I am a tech guy, so I get the questions…
Thanks for your help as always.

There is no way to do that - maybe if council sent in a membercare ticket but not sure it would have wheels - an ICS file is an open and public item unless password protected (not even sure if that is possible)

Thanks, so I guess there is no way to change the link for the ICS. I will let the pack leadership know what you have said. This is ugly as the new pack has started to plan events at the same day and time as the old pack and continues to act in an unscouting like way. They are essentially trying to kill the old pack any way they can. Shameful - imho.

Are you using the scoutbook or the internet advancement ics? When the scoutbook calendar is turned off, I expect the ics URLs will go away too.

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So, putting aside the non-technical problems, is the issue that the “new pack” scouters are adding events to the “old pack” calendar? Or is it just that the data in the “old pack” calendar is being used to time “conflicting” events? The former should be able to be addressed by removing the leadership roles that permit the “new pack” scouters edit access into the “old pack” calendar. I don’t see a way to fix the latter issue.

New pack leadership has been removed from the old pack and all connections severed. They can just see the calendar events and access any links in the notes of the event. We had a tough time getting access to control the website, the domain info, the free MSO 365 accounts and even the banking information. It has been really uncool to deal with (I’m not in the pack) this issue. Thanks for your help. Any idea when the IA calendar will be the only one in use?


The BSA has not announced when the SB calendar will no longer be available.

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