Calendar Stopped Syncing

We worked hard to get all families subscribed to the old Scoutbook calendar to keep everyone up to date. New calendar changes in Scoutbook Plus show on the old Scoutbook calendar, but they no longer sync to users phones. What should we do?

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@MarkZiety - you need to use the new URLs from IA

Has the team considered redirecting from the old SB URLs to the IA URLs, at least for a few months? Right now, we have people who believe they are subscribed, and the feed seems to be working (no errors), but they aren’t getting any new updates. This is a “silent fail” situation, which isn’t good. Failing a redirect, can the Scoutbook .ics feeds be 404ed so that it at least gives an indication that they aren’t any good now?


is interesting idea - let me see what I can find on forcing failure of ics - if it can be done

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If there’s a way to redirect the old URLs to the new URLs or use the old URLs on the new calendar, let’s please do that. It would be much better to make 1 administrative change with the URLs than try to have 80 end users changing calendar URLs.


Unfortunately this can’t be done. The system that provides the legacy ics files will eventually be shut down.

We are investigating a way to notify users of the current ICS subscriptions that they need to update their links.

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