Can you enter multiple advancements for one scout quickly?

Is there a way to enter mulitple advancments (i.e. 5a, 5b, 5c, 5d, 5e from a rank) together instead of having to click each one, select a date , mark approved, then save (takes a bit), then clikc the next one and repeat. Frequently scouts work on similar grouped advancements at the same time so it would make sense you could check of the ones you want to enter, go to a screen wtih each of those, enter the date once for all, and approve once, and save once…

Use Quick Entry to do that

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Does that work for rank advancements too? I thought that was just for merit badges

Ah I found it! Thanks!

We need a method for doing Quick Entry for a single scout where it actually also lists what is already approved for that scout and you can enter different dates. If it exists I haven’t found it. Syncing up books and Scoutbook after a camping trip, scout being virtual for awhile, or something like that would be much easier. I could have sworn in the early stages of Scoutbook this existed, but I think after syncing with council records was added it went away.

I don’t like playing with real records. What actually happens if you don’t worry about dates as much and using Quick Entry you enter the same requirement for something that has already been approved with a different date? Does it take on the new date or leave the old date?

QE Leaves old dates and does not overwrite @JamesSoltysiak

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