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Merit badge quick entry dates

I request an option to add multiple dates ( a date for each merit badge) in the quick merit badge entry. During summer camp I am often faced with entering in 200 merit badges or more for different scouts with different completion dates. The quick entry helps, but because of the single date entry I still have to enter multiple entries per scout. Not all the merit badges have the same completion date. It would be nice if we could enter multiple merit badges for each scout in one place with multiple dates allowed, a date for each merit badge per scout. It is not very often that we have multiple scouts taking the same merit badge and completing it on the same date. I would say it almost never happens. Right now the way that quick entry works is by entering all the scouts for one merit badge on one date. This makes it very time consuming when entering a large amount. Our council requires all merit badge dates in scoutbook match the dates on the actual blue card.

What I did last week when entering MBs at summer camp was to sort the Blue Cards by Badge, not Scout the. Entered each badge using QE one at a time. This was actually faster than entering multiple badges for a single scout as I had 40 Scouts but only about 20 unique MBs.


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