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Trying to assign den leader, but den is greyed out

I am trying to add a current den leader (Wolf) to a new den (Tiger) in scoutbook. There is one tiger scout in the den, and no den leader assigned.
I’ve tried 2 ways:
Go into the leader, add position, select the drop down for “den leader”… it lists the dens - but the tiger den is greyed out. I also tried adding other adult leaders to the position, and for everyone of them, the den is greyed out.
Go into the den, add leader, and I try to search by name… and nothing pulls up in the search. Not even Smith, B.
I’ve verified the den is approved (it has a green check).
I tried adding a completely tiger new den, with a different number. The exact same things happens.

I have added the lions den and added a Lions den leader with no issues… so I don’t know why I’m having an issue with Tigers.

In the drop down, look for “Tiger Den Leader”.

Thank you!! Didn’t even scroll down that far to see that selection!

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