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Cannot print or export roster

When trying to print or export the roster for a unit (where I am both member of committee and unit commissioner), I get the message "Authorization failed (-2). " on a page titled “Business Rule Terminate Page.”

I am a K3D and am getting the same error trying to print a membership card for a member in our unit. Our SM is getting the same error. We have tried Chrome, Firefox, Edge, logging out/logging in, etc. but no luck yet.

Earlier today, the response I received when attempting to print a membership card changed from “Authorization Failed (-2)” error to just a blank screen.

I tried again and it has improved slightly. Now when I select the individual from the roster and choose Print Membership Card, I get a new “Print Membership List” with a choice to export the card to CSV or .pdf. When I try to export my own card to a .pdf, I get the membership card. When I try to export a card for anyone else to a .pdf, I get the screen with the message
Authorization failed (-2).{
“ResponseCode” : “-2”,
“ResponseMessage” : “Authorization failed.”

I’m getting these kinds of errors all over the system. I’m a VP of membership for our council, and I can’t get many of the reports I need. I can only hope that the issue is related to recharters and will work itself out. Really unfortunate that volunteers can’t contact member care any more.


These issues should have been resolved a few hours ago, let us know if they continue.

It’s still continuing for me. I get further in the process as noted in my reply 6 hours ago, but it fails when I do the “Export to a .pdf”.


I have duplicated the issue and reported it.


The developers missed an update on the membership cards. It has been fixed.

Yes, it’s working now. Thanks!