Cannot RSVP

RSVP NOT Possible (for me)
I can for my Scout.
Please help.


We need more information. Are you invited to the event? Is this happening on the Scoutbook calendar or the new Internet Advancement calendar?

Hi Ed,

Thanks for looking into this so promptly.

I had another look… Signed on to Scoutbook, and I no longer appear as an ‘invitee’, this JUST happened, within an hour of me contacting you. My first thought was, “a temporary glitch”, so left it until today before replying to you.

However, I checked again today and I am now no longer an ‘invitee’ on any of the ‘Upcoming Events’.

Was this something you did? I’m not looking to ‘blame’ someone, I just want to know why the situation has gone from ‘can’t update RSVP’ to the more worrying ‘no longer appearing’.

If this wasn’t something you did, or can explain, do you think I should ask the ‘organizational’ guys at my sons troop?

I have previously mentioned the ‘I can’t update my own RSVP’ problem to them, but none of them seem to know how to do anything about it.

Let me know if you need any more info, I’d really like this working before my son makes Eagle and leaves :smile:

Thanks again,



We do not have the ability to change invite lists. You will need to speak to your troop leaders. It sounds like they did not invite parents to events when they created the calendar entries.

@PaulMason I merged your Scoutbook accounts a couple days ago after your posted your issue.

What probably happened was that you were an invitee under the other Scoutbook account (userID), and when they were merged, that Scoutbook account no longer exists. A unit Admin needs to add you back as an invitee to the events.

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