Cannot see more than 10 comments

I have an event where I asked parents to leave a comment with number of people from their family attending. However, no one can see more than 10 comments. Parents are able to leave comments, but we can only see the first 10 comments. Is there a way to see all of the comments?


@Stephen_Hornak I copied the info from the first 10 comments. Would you be able to delete them so I could see the next 10?

@JayOwen1 - I do not have access to that. We are all volunteers here. If you look at the linked forum it was reported

@Stephen_Hornak Thanks. Appreciate you volunteering to help. Do you have any feel for how long it might take them to resolve now that it’s been reported?

@JayOwen1 - I do not know and would not have access to that.


This has been fixed.

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