Seeing (2) issues with the new IA calendar

I am getting e-mail with peoples comments, but when looking at the IA calendar event I only see the comment that I made. Comments made by others do not show up.

The RSVP reports give different results that than the sign ups shown on the event.

We are a linked troop B & G and these issues exist on a linked event if that makes a difference. This worked fine in the same scenario in the old Scoutbook calendar.

@WilliamChapman on Comments - what is your role?

Are you Admin in both units

I do have Troop Admin access to both units

What is event name and date? @WilliamChapman


Spring Campout

Event Type:


Start Date:

Apr 12, 2024 @ 05:00 PM

End Date:

Apr 14, 2024 @ 12:00 PM

Bye the way, this event was created in Scoutbook before the transition to IA calendar. There was an existing comment of this event from some time ago.

If I click the “old Scoutbook Calendar” option I do see all the comments (1) old and (3) new.

Sorry - I have to take that back. Our CC accidently removed my troop admin access to the B troop, I suppose that would explain why I only see the G troop on the RSVP.

I’m not sure why I see (4) comments when viewing this on the old Scoutbook calendar and only (1) on the IA calendar. There may still be an issue with that.

CC added back my troop admin access for both troops. The RSVP report now works again.

The comments section is the same as before, only my (1) comment shows thru the IA interface.

It looks like some changes were made, I now see (2) comments on the IA interface but (4) comments on the old Scoutbook interface. I’m not sure what happened to the other (2). One of the missing comments was made by a leader who is only listed on the B troop but not the G troop. The other comment was made by a troop admin on both troops but was very old.

As we prepare for this campout, I can now definitely say that there is a bug in the comments with the new IA interface. I’m getting e-mails for some of the comments, but not others. Some of the comments show up on the IA interface, others do not.

When I use the old Scoutbook calendar interface, all of the comments are there.

Please get this fixed, so we can use this on future outings.

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