IA Calendar Event: COMMENTS

Our units use the COMMENTS at the bottom of calendar events to add relevant information for an event. “john at b-practice arriving at 10”, dietary issues, someone is sick last minute cant attend.

Will the COMMENTS be added in the new IA calendar options. I note there is no COMMENTs currently in the feature.

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@TammieZemler Notes are there ???

Notes are different than comments. Comments are public. Only those who can edit the calendar see the notes.

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I can say that the comments are used very rarely in our units

We actually have mixed usage levels. Some events get really high usage. Other (routine) stuff like meetings often have nothing in the comments at all.

However, on balance I would say that the comments section is worth preserving as a feature.

Oh those? hmmm never used on an event

We have used comments on 1-2 events a year. For example, a family event. We asked people to RSVP and then note how many were having dinner. It worked well and people used it. We have used it about 6 times between 2 units.

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I have reported this omission to the developers.


I have used comments to record both attendance and a recap of the event.

Attendance because I could add folks that were not invitees and because SB would drop attendees if the event was edited after they left the pack.

Event recap and suggestions for improvement because it makes for an easy filing system - look up the old event when planning the next event.


Attendance is easily made on each of the invitees with no need in comments. Haven’t looked to see if that is still available in IA.

It has probably already been asked but does the new IA calendar allow calendar subscription like the Scoutbook calendar? Thanks.

@MarcFlores - yes it does

Yes, for invitees. Not for others (siblings etc).

Ditto. We use comments so we know who is RSVPing for events that require payment, how much they will be paying (for those who will be attending in the family who are non-scouts, and how those people are making payment). It is a record for our treasurer for accounting purposes as well as a record because of the date/time stamp on when people said they will be attending an activity (for example, one that requires a payment up front to register). RSVP is great, but the comments catch so much more information that is invaluable.

Looking at IA it looks like we are dumping a more user friendly Scoutbook for IA Calendar. Can you advise to as why? And point me to some training I can watch to understand how to use the IA system. Please and Thank you.


This has been explained many times. Scoutbook is written in classic ASP which is obsolete technology. In addition to being obsolete, it is difficult to find classic ASP programmers. IA is being written in a modern language with improved architecture.

Help documents are being updated as functions are moved. See help.scoutbook.scouting.org

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If you are looking for a user guide on the IA Calendar it is here:

Thank you Bill


Out troop utilizes public Comments for questions from families about the event and to track attendees who are not formal troop members. The example would be “Smith family of 5.” I would strongly suggest adding something like this feature to the Internet Advancement Calendar.

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This is in the backlog.