Can't Add Event (Calendar in Beta mode)

On 6/1/23 I was adding our upcoming pack events for next school year. I was able to do so without issue into mid afternoon and then eventually I encountered a situation where nothing will populate for the event type. I am unable to also select people to invite because it requires an event type to be selected. I have tried logging out and logging back on both yesterday and today without luck. When in the window to add a new calendar event, it does indicate the calendar is in Beta mode in the top left. Not sure if that was there previously or ever since running into these issues.

I sent you a direct message about this issue. Click on your icon in the upper right and then the envelope.

This has been a visual text “bug” for a long time. This screen has said BETA for years. Not that you don’t have an issue, it is just that it really isn’t in beta.

It looks like you need to select your unit from the calendar drop-down before you can select the event type.

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