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Calendar Date Not Working

I am unable to add new events to the calendar due to the date field notworking correctly. When I select the date, it loops me back to the calendar and the all the prior info has been deleted.

Hi, @WilliamGooding,

I just tried it and was unable to replicate your problem. I started from My Dashboard -> My Calendar and My Dashboard -> Create New Event, and both worked fine for me.

What path are you taking to create a new event? What platform/browser are you using?

Are you selecting more than one calendar for the event?

I tried using Microsoft Edge and Chrome. Using the same path as you and still have the issue.

I was trying to add two dens to the event. Also have the issue when only adding one den.

William - I have only experienced the clean slate issue when entering events in Edge. Chrome and other browsers work without issue. I can offer a remote session if you wish to have another set of eyes on the problem. You can email if you wish to try.