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Can't see latest change logs in the Scoutbook Change Log forum

I got an email about the January 9, 2020 changes, but they are not visible from the change log here in the forums. I can see it when I search, but I shouldn’t need to search, should I?


It shows up for me:

From the main discussions.scouting.org page

From your link:

Not me. I’m in Chrome.

Weird. I tried loading it in Chrome to see if it was a browser issue, but it showed up fine for me there, too:

If you try a reload on the page (Ctrl-R), does it pop up? I’m wondering if the browser cached the page or something…

ETA: Hunh…why does my link say “https://discussions.scouting.org/c/scoutbook/scoutbook-change-log/16”, but yours doesn’t have the “/16” at the end… Anybody who knows more about how the discussion system works?

ETA2: Also tried again after logging in (oops!), and I could still see the latest change log. I tried trimming the “/16” off of the end of the URL in my browser, and I got a 404 error. Bizarre…


I have looked at your Discourse account and don’t see anything obvious. This will take some research with Discourse. I’ll try to look into it further later tonight.

@Carolyn_S What happens if you click the latest button?


Somehow the January 9, 2020 Scoutbook Updates topic was muted for you. I have no idea how this happened but I have reset it and you should be able to see the topic again.

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