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Anyone else having issues with My.scouting Application pending acceptance holding up the ability for a unit to recharter?. The Mindset of now 2 of my units. If the volunteer has not been accepted to the unit by the COR. the pending application should not be holding up the ability to submit the recharter. Yes there are personal and private issues with both applicants which is why the CORs has decided to not yet accept them. A pending application is not an accepted application therefore it should not hold up the ability to get on with scouting.

This is a great point. Just because someone applies, it doesn’t mean they will be accepted. Or if accepted, maybe not until discussions are held. Recharter shouldn’t force the process.

Hi, Keith – The rules specifically say that all adult volunteers have to be approved by the sponsoring organization, of which the CoR is the designated representative. Maybe having a chat with him/her to find out what the holdup is would help. Chances are that your CoR isn’t comfortable with my.scouting operation and you could offer to help your CoR through the process.

Robby Wright