Adult leaders have renewed but showing as pending approval

This is our council’s first year using the National renewal process.

Most of our members expire 8/31, and our leaders have been receiving the renewal emails.

Some of us have renewed, and our memberships now show “pending approval “.

To my knowledge, our COR hasn’t received a notice to approve these. He does get the notices for new leaders.

What’s the process at this point? Why do leaders need to be approved again?

I have reviewed all the documentation I can find, and haven’t seen an answer.

I would recommend reaching out to your local council for more clarity on this. They can probably answer whether there’s something (info or action) they need from your unit or not.

There also could be local factors at play. For example, my state has additional training requirements for youth-contact leaders, which have to be verified. Some councils require YPT to be valid at least through the end of the upcoming registration period (e.g. upcoming period 9/1/24 - 8/31/25, so YPT would have to valid at least through 9/1/2025), or have other local council requirements (fully complete position-specific training, etc). Any of those could be holding up a renewal for an existing scouter, and the hold-up could be different from scouter to scouter.

@JamieDunn1 - i gather you have looked at the items here