CIS Merit Badge not in IA

I am trying to record this MB for some of my Scouts who have completed it. It is not in the MB drop down menu when I try to record progress in Advancement Item. Any ideas? Thanks.

I’ve had issues recording MBs for scouts who still show a “leftover” membership in a pack. You might check their Scoutbook accounts to see if there’s a pack membership that’s still listed as current.

ETA: Ah, I see what you’re talking about. Yeah, it appears to be missing in IA2:

I can confirm that the scout I tried doesn’t have a current pack membership on his record. Looks like this might belong in the IA2 bugs thread.

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Are you using Internet Advancement or Scoutbook? It is available in Scoutbook.

Internet Advancement.

Looks like it is a bug in IA2.

Use scoutbook instead.

What are your positions in the Troop?

I’m a Key 3 Delegate/ASM/parent. I toggled the settings back-and-forth under the fleur de lis just in case it was looking at my parent account (even though my K3D was showing), but still had the same issue.

@CharleyHamilton what is MID?

127967394, @DonovanMcNeil

ETA: I also checked our charter (renewal complete & new charter cert posted at my.scouting) just in case it was a glitch of that type going on. The scouts I tested are also showing as current in our my.scouting roster. And my K3D/ASM positions are also current at my.scouting in my profile.

@CharleyHamilton can I set up a screenshare to see?

I think so. Go ahead and DM me.

OK - this is a cache issue - so clear your cache or use a Private Window

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