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Recorded merit badges not showing on Advancement Report

I just entered merit badges for multiple Scouts, the merit badges show under each Scouts “Approved” listing, but some of the merit badges do not show up on the Advancement Report. I used this countless times with no issues.


Check the missing MBs to see if they are marked Awarded or have appeared on a closed Purchase Order. Either one will prevent them from appearing on a new Purchase Order.

Morning Ed - Checked and re-checked. I haven’t done an advancement report since March, 2020 so there was only 1 report showing. Plus another Scout has merit badges he hasn’t earned and I can “Unapprove”. I think the issue might have been when entering the MBs it would show that there were other Scouts (right hand side of screen) that also earned the MB, so I clicked the approve. I’m thinking it gave those Scouts the MBs but didn’t put it on the Advancement Report.

Plus another Scout has merit badges he hasn’t earned and I can “Unapprove”. Should be I "can’t unapprove.

It sounds like you are using Internet Advancement - is that correct?

Yes - the link from the Council website.

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