Cit. in Society MB missing from Scouts BSA Report

I am looking at a Scout’s Scouts BSA History Report from SB. He has completed Citizenship in Society. It appears under completed MB’s on the report but does not appear under the Eagle rank requirements. Any ideas?

@KathyWhitgrove the Eagle is on the wrong version - does it show on scouts Eagle page

@KathyWhitgrove what is the BSA # and we can look


Yes, it is missing from the 5 Scouts I checked over 3 Troops to make sure it was missing from all of them. It is showing it on the list of completed, on the Individual Report and on the Eagle Application. It is just missing from the Scouts BSA History Report under the Eagle Requirements.

Here is one of the ones I checked: 136188045


I can confirm I’m seeing the same behavior for a scout I verified is set to 2022-2023 Eagle version (BSA ID 127967393).

Here’s the relevant excerpt (and report ID) from the Scouts BSA History report
(ref: PD-20230608162831-706680-117973):

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It is reported - we had it working so not sure what changed

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