Citizenship in Society - Can't add to Internet Advancement

Our troop recently completed Citizenship in Society as a large group. We use Internet Advancement and Cit in Society is not listed as one of the merit badges I can enter. Any suggestions?

If your having trouble in IA, you can enter the badges in Scoutbook. Log into IA, Click on the 3 line menu in the upper right in IA. Then click on Scoutbook. Then click on your unit. Click on Quick Entry, then Enter Merit Badges.

Select the badge to record
Select the Scouts
Put in the date, and mark the Approved box
click SAVE at the bottom of the page

@MaryCaseley It looks like it is in the dropdown menu. Where are you not seeing it?

BSA has specifically said it is not supposed to be completed in a large group; it should be either individual or small group.

This can be offered in a small group setting or with the merit badge counselor following Youth Protection two-deep leadership requirements of two adults and one youth

I wonder if there is a block in Scoutbook or IA to prevent recording something BSA has said you aren’t supposed to be doing?

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Is is only a recommendation so it should not be blocking it.

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