Recording Citizenship in Society merit badge completions in Scoutbook

Several of our Scouts completed the Citizenship in Society merit badge at Winter Camp, but when I went to record the completion in Scoutbook, it is not an option from the drop down menu for these Scouts. I was using the Internet Advancement for Merit Badge and it’s not in that drop down menu.

I am able to go through the individual Scout’s account and enter the merit badge requirement by requirement, but that takes an extreme amount of time. Doing 5 of them took over an hour!

Will Citizenship in Society be added to the drop down menu for recording advancement from the Internet Advancement area?

Thanks and please!

Leona Wilson

No idea how that was missed - it is reported - in Scoutbook you can use quick entry and be done in under a minute for all Scouts

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@LeonaWilson - to record the merit badge itself:

Troop page in scoutbook > Quick Entry > Merit Badges > that will present a window with all scouts on one side and all merit badges on the other. > Select the scouts then scroll through the merit badges and select CiS

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