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Continuation of old topic, can't advance scout who is using Cit in Society is one of his eagle-required badges

Here is the original post. Wish they didn’t close so quickly.

My son is just about ready to complete his star rank, and he is using the Cit in Society as one of the required eagle badges (which we have been told is okay to do.) However, Scoutbook doesn’t recognize this and I can’t seem to override it in any way to approve this (I am the advancement chair.) I just get this message:

Any other tricks?

Council can enter it on their end - do a hand written advancement form - it will not be Eagle required for Scoutbook until later -

We talked to council at our roundtable tonight, they said it is not possible. They said it does not count until July 1, which is not what we understood. Is there actual documentation from National that says it counts toward Star and Life ranks currently? That is what we (and many others) understood.

I was able to find this tonight, so now we are trying to bring this to our council to figure it out…

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Council needs to force a date for Star in their system

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BSA IT has made the decision not to update Scoutbook at the current time to allow Citizenship in Society to be used as an Eagle Required MB for Star or Life.

The workaround is to record Star or Life via Internet Advancement because they do not check that the MBs have been earned.


Thank you, I will give this a shot.