Clarifying the Meaning of "Completed" vs "Approved" for Requirements

As Scoutbook users at the Troop level, we’ve noticed some confusion around the meaning and proper use of the “completed” and “approved” checkboxes for rank requirements and merit badges. This has led to situations where scouts and parents mistakenly believe a requirement is fully signed off when it has only been marked "completed."To clarify the intended workflow:The “completed” checkbox is meant for scouts or parents to indicate the scout has finished working on that requirement and is ready for a leader to review and approve it. Marking something as “completed” does NOT mean the requirement is officially signed off.The “approved” checkbox should only be checked by a qualified, registered leader after they have reviewed the scout’s work and determined the requirement has been properly completed according to the guidelines. This could involve testing, reviewing documentation, or other verification by the leader.Simply having the “completed” box checked is insufficient for a requirement to be considered finished. The “approved” box must also be checked by a leader to confirm the requirement was properly signed off. To help avoid future misunderstandings, a suggestion to add instructions for scouts/parents and use the following best practices:

  1. When ready for a requirement to be reviewed, check the “completed” box only.
  2. Add comments explaining what was done to complete the requirement, and attach any relevant photos/documentation.
  3. Notify the appropriate leader that you are ready for approval on that requirement.
  4. Leaders should review the requirement completion details, test the scout as needed, and only check the “approved” box once fully satisfied.
  5. Use the comment section to provide feedback on the approval decision.

What I say in my Scoutbook class is Completed is equivalent to the left hand column of the rank tables in the Scout’s handbook and Approved is equivalent to the right hand column where the unit leader or designee signs off the requirement.

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