% showing for scout is the completed not approved %

When viewing a scout in scoutbook the % shown for each rank is the % the scout/parent have marked as complete and not the % approved. This does not give a true view of what scouts are almost ready for scout master conference/board of review. I would request at least for leaders to have the ability to view both % marked complete by the scout/parent and % approved to have a true view of where the scout is in the process.

Please let me know if you would like more details

@MarySontag-Earnshaw there is only 1 % and that is for Complete - there is no % Approved and as there are different ways to approve (every req vs. the overall rank) there are would not be a clear % depending on the unit.

Is there a reason when I view a scout it shows me the scout is at the next rank when their rank is not approved?

you mean like if it is marked 100% Complete not approved? that is just how it works, there is an old story to show that situation in grey; But that is what the needs Approval report is for. As SM I had very few scouts that actually used SB themself, and never had one enter a BOR even once.

Correct it is 100% complete but not approved. We do not have many scouts who do use this but when I am quickly looking at a scout in scoutbook as the advancement chair without running the report it can be confusing as it looks like the scout is a rank they are not. I understand it is how scoutbook works.


I understand that legend, but when viewing a scout say they are Star working towards life, they have everything marked complete in the normal view of scoutbook it will show me that scout is life not star. If I go into the scoutbook plus it shows me the last approved rank. I will have to move my view to the scoutbook plus view to see the information I am looking for it seems.

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