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Clean up my.scouting app

The following items are cruft and should be removed from the app, I believe they used to be on the web, but have been removed from there:
-Add Announcement
-Scouting Calendar

The following are very out of date and should be removed from the web Menu>BSA Web Links>:
-beascout membership application status (just takes one to beascout.org)
-Journey to Excellence Resources
-Service Hour Reporting should be renamed to "Service Hour Reporting (Eagle Projects Only)

My I suggest checking what Sea Scouts are using for Quartermaster projects. Also what are Explorers using?

I have no idea what the STEM Scouts units are using.

There is also the issue of unit service v.s. individual service reptrting.

Which is to say different programs may have different reporting requirements.

When all other service hours were moved to scoutbook.scouting.org, it was communicated that the only reporting left in the old system was Eagle Scout service projects.

Do you have other info?

The old service hours website is still used for Eagle Scout and Explorer service project entry.

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Ok. It would be great to reword them to say “Report Eagle and Explorer Service Hours” or something similar.

Neither of these are active. They should be removed. The effort to remove something from a display is much easier to test than adding a new feature.

Cruft like this sitting all over my.scouting.com and my.scouting app make it harder for new users. 1) there seem to be more features than there is and 2) users will think that is where they should enter new items.


I believe the announcements use the national membership database which has limited applicability for units, districts and councils.


It would be interesting to know if the my.Scouting calendar system is being used. I would not make the assumption that iit is not being used. I suspect it can be retired.

With different calendar systems being used display of calendar information needs to be done locally… The Scouting calendar in the app needs to be settable by the individual. to display the scouting calendar(s) used.

I use different web interfaces io manage both my different individual and scouting calendars.

I have been active with these apps for 2 years now. I have see no announcements, nor people mention them. I believe it has been removed from the my.scouting page, it just needs to also be removed from the app.

I would since it isn’t in the webpage any longer. It should be removed from the app as well.

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BSA appears to be in the process of updating the https://my.scouting.org menu.
The Legacy Tools group is now BSA Web Links. Resources is empty. We will have to wait to see what is added.

As a District Member at Large I am currently not seeing my.Scouting tools announcements or the my.Scouting calendar.

I do not have District Key-3 access to check what is available at that level. BSA may be moving more controls into the Organization Security Manager.

Note: The Scouting Forums are not read by the BSA software development group. So any suggestion make are to ourselves.

With support moving to the councils, this forum is the best place to discuss this. Also, there are lurkers here who can make a difference.

In the app or the website? I do not see them on the website, only the app. They seem to have been missing from the website for some time now. Announcements give an error, but the I can create a calendar event.