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Eagle Service Project Hours and Explorer Service Project Hours

Please move Eagle Service Project Hours and Explorer Service Project Hours into scoutbook.scouting.org. To straddle 2 systems like this is not at all user friendly.

Since there is no roadmap published, I have to assume nothing.

Eagle Projects touch too many systems to do now

I think Explorer drop to activities logs in my testing

We have our first life scouts now, based on this post, it seems that Eagle Scout Service projects have their own reporting somewhere? Is that in MYST?

Scoutmaster training doesn’t include anything about how the various internet reporting works (rightly so, since technology changes). I found JTE reporting on my own, but it never occurred to me that there might be a separate spot of Eagle Service Hours reporting. I appreciate a point in the right direction. Going to need that in the next few months.

servicehours.scouting.org is where the Eagle Scout hours are reported @AngelaKoch

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@AngelaKoch Check with your council to see how they want Eagle Scout service project hours reported. In my council, there is someone at council who does it as part of the Eagle Scout rank application process.


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