Remove “Add Announcement” and “Scouting Calendar”

Both “add announcement” and “scouting calendar” are not functional. They are distracting. They have been removed from the website, they need to be removed from the app. Left over cruft like this is distracting for users and confusing foe new users.

It is easy to delete from the interface (vs adding new features), even if you don’t clean up behind these scenes. Get rid of these two buttons!

I wish the calendar worked.

It does in the “red” Scouting app for units that your children are in. It also works very well in Scoutbook (via the web) on phones and computers. It is just that this “blue” my.scouting app calendar was abandoned 6-12 months ago on the website and not updated here in the app.

Actually, Announcements does work. It is just limited on who is able to add Announcements!

Then the app should only show the link to those who are authorized to use it.


No, it is to DISPLAY announcements for everyone else.

BTW - I have submitted the request for the Calendar button to be deactivated.

Then why does the button say “Add Announcements”?

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The Add Announcements displays only to Key 3 leaders and delegates to post announcements. Any announcements added by Key 3s/delegates will be seen by members in the organization via the bell icon. Same thing for Scouting Calendar - it only displays for Key 3s/delegates to add an event and viewable by others via the bell icon.

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Thanks for the removing calendar request.

Where are the announcements seen? Just in the my.scouting app? Just by adult roster members or the whole unit?

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How many adults log in to or the My Scouting app more than once every 2 years to take YPT? I doubt many people would see announcements posted there.

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Agreed! Let’s remove it. It was taken out of the website, it is only in the app. I go in COR applications, other trainings, etc, but I bet out of our 3 units 30 adults, I am the only one.

As this is the My.Scouting app, it only pertains to adult volunteers.

Yes, but I am saying out 30 adult volunteers, I think I am the only one who goes in more than 1x or 2x per year. Those who do, go to Woe to thee who puts an important announcement for other adults in the app.

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An average of 5K people per week access the MyScouting App. It gives leaders roster views, the training manager tool, and commissioner tools - same as web. Unit leaders can also view/approve adult applications.

How do I create a new post? Can’t seem to find how to do this.


@CathyTerreri, there should be a “New Topic” button in the top right corner if you go to the top level of any category.

Starting here makes it easier to find the right category to post in:

OK. I see it. Hard to get to but I found it! Thanks!

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5K people accessing the MyScouting app per week is an extremely low percentage of the number of registered adults in the BSA and even smaller percentage of the total number of families. This just enforces my point that putting unit announcements on MyScouting is not a reliable way to get messages to unit members.


Agreed. I’d pull both. Again, if you think direction will change in the future, fine, just get rid of the interface elements for now.

Update - National has been made aware, and changes are already planned.