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Close Purchase Order?

In Scout Book when you were finished with a Purchase Order you clicked the “Close Purchase Order Button.” I have not seen a button like that in IA 2.0. How do we close the purchase order to make sure that we are not adding anything new to it when we go in to do our next Purchase Order?


If your unit is using Scoutbook, it should not be using Internet Advancement. Just keep using the flow you have always used in Scoutbook.

I am actually a registrar trying to help my volunteers. I know they aren’t supposed to be using both, that is no problem. I’m not sure what to tell them about how to make sure that their purchase orders are closed out before beginning a new one in IA 2.0.

@MichelleRoberts once an advancement report (closest thing to PO in AI2) is viewed - it is closed - if I recall correctly.

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