Purchase order not closing?

Hi - can’t seem to close a prior purchase order and start a new one. Our latest advancement seems to be added to the prior PO, when then creates duplication in the Advancement Report. How to fix this? thx

@JohnDean4 what happens when you try to close it?

In the page it shows only closed POs last from February 2023. But not an open PO or what should be the last closed one from 10/18 that should cover since June 15 2023. I can see an Advancement report but it shows advancement since February 2023, implying the Feb-June P.O. also is open. Thanks

@JohnDean4 - ok. I am having a really hard time following your post. Do you have anything that showing that need to be added to a PO ? What do you see when you open that last closed PO ?

@JohnDean4 I can setup a screenshare to understand it and help

that would be helpful. how is say 6:45pm ET 10/24?

@JohnDean4 we could try that if now does not work for you

Thanks but no, have to leave for Court of Honor this evening :slightly_smiling_face:

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