Commissioner assignments not working

Commissioner status is not posted but within the 120 day window

For a unit to which I assigned myself earlier, it will not show me as assigned.
For said unit, if I try to add myself, it fails with an error in the UI (which does not tell the user the reason). For this error, the API response says the commissioner is already assigned to the unit.

For a unit to which I’m not assigned, if I assign myself, it says successful but doesn’t reflect that I’m assigned.

Sometimes, the system does not refresh well. I have found the best way to overcome this is to not allow my browser to store cache. So, I use a “private browsing” mode on my browser. Incognito mode in Chrome, In Private window in Edge/Chromium, new Private window in Firefox. That usually takes care of 99% of the issues I see.

How does it look today?

Better. I’m getting a success message, but doing the assignment from the Unit Admin screen isn’t updating the Unit Admin screen to say there’s a commissioner assigned for that unit now. Updating the Commissioner Admin screen does seem to update the screen. Updating either screen involving my profile and going to Profile results in one of those Sentry fail screens.

I am the CT Champion for our Council and we are experiencing the same problem with entering assignments. However, I think for a different reason. On about March 10, the system purged a good number of units from all the districts in our council (I am assuming because of confusion “at some level” over the new time extension). They are starting to slowly repopulate the unit list in the CT navigation window. Some are still missing while others show but without any members in the new roster tool (terrible name change BTW, we were already used to Member manager and its capabilities). Each day it seems to improve a little. I have advised our DC’s to just give it a couple of more days before attempting additional assignments CT.

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