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Commissioner Conflict of Interest During Unit Livesaving

One of my units recently lost their relatively new CC and they don’t have anyone in line to take over. Since the unit is sort of active during the COVID 19 sequester, they are limping along as best they can, but don’t have anyone to steer the ship. The Cubmaster is relatively new to his position as well.

To help them through this tough point, I am initiating Commissioner Lifesaving and have stepped up as their CC on a temporary basis to get the unit reorganized, restaffed and functioning and to get moral back up where it should be for a well functioning unit.

During this time, is there any roadblock to me also fulfilling my Commissioner role? I personally think I can do it without conflict, so I thought I would see if there is a precedent I might be violating.


Robert: What you are doing is correct; and unfortunately it is not without precedence. Congratulations and THANK YOU for taking on this important task. Obviously the most critical task for the unit is to find and train a new CC.


I think the applicable guide is chapter 3, Build the unit, in the Unit Performance Guide, vol. 4…

The Unit Performance Guide has been replaced by the Unit Roadmap.