Upcoming Change to Commissioner Tools Unit Visits

At February’s SoCal Commissioner College and again this week at my council’s Commissioner Cabinet, I heard that changes are coming to Commissioner Tools. Some of the supposed changes include:

  • Focus on dialogue and goal-setting with leaders rather than scoring units
  • Simplified logging of unit visits, possibly with a single visit type rather than simple vs. complex

No one seems to know when these changes are coming. No one has seen a preview. No guidance has been provided on how commissioners should use the current tools during whatever transition period there will be.

Does anyone on this forum have insight into what’s happening and when or how these changes will be communicated?

Similar future ideas were communicated in the CST 9 commissioner gathering. Use the tools as is till they change. But focus on the goal of helping units. Entering a 1 or 2 for membership doesn’t help a unit on its own. Helping the units recognize the need for and planning a recruitment event does.

Would be super helpful if some simple guidance could be put in writing for those of us teaching commissioner college courses on how to best use the current commissioner tools and what changes are planned in what timeframe. BCS 120 Technology for Commissioners was just updated in January while BCS 104 Unit Visits and BCS 116 were last updated in Aug 2021. It doesn’t sound like much has changes philosophically in the last three years, but there are plans being made to align the tools with the emphasis on relationships over evaluations. But it’s really disruptive to the learning process when someone chimes in with a rumor such as “I heard national is changing commissioner tools and assessments are going away.”