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Commissioner Training Updates

New position specific Commissioner Basic Training

New position specific basic training will be available online through the BSA Learn Center with new learning plans and modules for Unit, Roundtable, District, and Council Commissioners. These modules will replace the current online training modules with new Learning Plans in the BSA Learn Center and is targeted for release in the first week of September.

Any commissioner who is currently taking the online courses needs to complete the training by August 30, otherwise you will need to start over with the new courses.

New Instructor led materials will be made available simultaneously with the release of the new online learning. They will be located on the basic training section of the Commissioner Development page.

Thanks Griffin, welcome to the team. Thanks for sharing, wondering when we might be able to expect something in the development for unit level position specific for those in the units that have to use all these incredible tools. Specific positions in mind is the unit level Unit Advancement Chair, Merit Badge Councilors, parent coordinator vs New Member Coordinator, Registration Inquiry, unit Training Chair, or Youth Protection Champion. Many people leverage social media and the troubleshooting tools to figure out what and how to. Would be nice to have something beyond the short paragraph in the Unit Committee rolls to help guide these dedicated volunteers.

Not a new subject. Was hoping you might be able to gleen from the training team a timeline and wondering if national would be interested in gathering the Council prior training materials from Training U and PTC to help.

Thanks again you are outstanding.

Hi Larry, thanks for the warm welcome. I am not sure about the specific timing for the other position training updates however I know they are continuously updating training all the time.

In terms of social media training, there are new resources to help units with recruiting resources and trainings. This does include training on social media recruiting. This can be found at Recruitment | Boy Scouts of America (scouting.org).

I have asked our Commissioner Training team if they have any additional information, however they are separate from the training teams that develop a lot of those other specific trainings for position specific roles.

YIS Griffin