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Correct weather forecast for actual campout location rather than regular meeting place zip code

Sometimes the activity planned on the calendar will be in another location away from the regular meeting place. For example, campouts are often out of town. It would be helpful to see the weather for where the activity will be held, rather than for the zip code where we live and meet.

Our troop is going on a campout in a few weeks to zip code 97846, where the weather is likely to be very different than our meeting place and home in zip code 99336. It would be helpful to be automatically clued in to the weather forecast for the campout location, rather than our home base.

This is on the requested feature list for calendar updates. At this time we do not know when the BSA will schedule the calendar for major updates or what the final feature list will contain.

My district camporee is located on federal lands in a different council. USPS zip codes do not work because the visitor center mailing address zip code is not where the camp location or visitor center location is. Weather forecasts are are available for a nearby city separated by a ridge and not influenced by the lake water. USPS zip codes do not always work for finding forecasts and real-time weather information. (Some places do not have them.) This may mean being able to have a blank USPS zip code that does not return weather information.

Bottom line: We need to be able to specific specific weather stations and/or weather forecasts. For now I suspect this will need to be done in the event description.

We also need to be able to retrieve maps (weather and non-weather) by geographic location (long./lat.).

Would be nice to link to a source like Weather Underground for detailed, hyper-specific location weather.

Honestly, I just stick the link in the description if it’s important enough (e.g. camping trip). That way, folks can follow the link rather than hoping the Scoutbook retrieved the data correctly.

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