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Problem seeing the full MBC list for Transatlantic Council (TAC) on Scoutbook

Until the new update of MBCs for 2021, we were able to see by typing in the zip code 00000 a list of MBCs that included all those who were already approved by TAC, living in Europe, Middle East and Africa without an APO address

Now, we get an error message if we use the zip code 00000 - which says

" Whoops! We encountered an error trying to process your request. Our Webmaster has been notified and will fix it ASAP!"

We’ve had this message for 4 months now.

If we type in any random APO zip code, we get a list of over 170 MBCs, but non of us without an APO address show up.

We used to be able to see a MBC list on Scoutbook for both APO and non-APO holders for our District/Council and it was a quick way for us to check which of our MBCs had renewed their current year registration and what MBs they could help our scouts with so we could contact them.

Would this be fixed anytime soon? Thank you!

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I sent you a direct message. click on your icon in the upper right then the envelope.

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This issue is for all units outside the USA, not just TAC. That includes Far East, TAC, and all units in North and South America that aren’t in the USA. A list for Council or District may still result in a list too large. Using geo coordinates with a distance radius selection would allow the list to be limited or expanded as needed as well as accommodate units on a Council border.

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Thank you for your quick reply, William.

Good to understand. Very helpful information. Thank you Carole,

BSA IT department and software subcontractors need to also be advised there may be councils, districts, neighborhoods and units that do not have USPS zip codes. As a reminder MBCs are not registered as unit members. In my council they are assigned to the district they live in.

I do not think the application designers are made aware of all the requirements. Though I think BSA has had some improvement in database design. I do not understand why BSA continues to use only USPS zip codes for searching.

I would not expect a USPS zip code to work for searching when there is none in a specific area.

We have asked the programmers to look into other searching options.
The help guide here, gives you some ways to find a MBC in Scoutbook.

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