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Council Admin Feature

Add feature for Council administrators to view all units within their Council. This would be particularly handy for training purposes.

Remember Scoutbook is a Member / Unit application. Council has their own tools.

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I understand that, however I am a volunteer and am the Scoutbook admin/trainer for our council. I get that professional scouters can see all this stuff in ScoutNET, and volunteers with the correct position can see it in, but when training people how to use Scoutbook, it would be handy to be able to just go to a unit and train without having to go through adding a position in my profile and getting the unit admin privileges.

Trouble is training scenarios using live data can cause issues.

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Unless you’re careful, in which case it becomes the best training scenario.

I don’t want random people having access to my troop members’ PII without a clear need, and without knowledge of the unit leadership.

The convenience of some council trainer that might or might not ever have anything to do with my unit. Is not a good reason to make that private info available to every council or district scouter in the state.

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