District staff not seeing units in Scoutbook

I am hoping I can get some assistance on an issue. Our district and council staff are not able to see any council or district level units or info when logging into scoutbook. When they login to my.scouting.org they show as staff with full rights - but scoutbook shows no units and no access. We confirmed with a user that the correct BSA ID is assigned through scoutbook. Amy thoughts? Thanks

Scoutbook is a unit tracking tool. District and Council staff have no access to units via https://scoutbook.scouting.org

Individual units sometimes give their Unit Commissioners access to the unit in Scoutbook by adding them to the unit roster but there is no automated process that does this.

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Is there a reason for this? I think it would be a lot easier for district and council level volunteers to help if they could see things in scoutbook.

You would have to ask the BSA staff in Irving. This was the decision when Scoutbook was purchased by the BSA and it has not changed.

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Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately I don’t think I would ever get an answer from Irving.

@JohnGeiser You may not, but the National Commisioner team responsible for technology may have a seat at the table. I assume they have a voice in the “big direction” of these systems. Resourcing and timing will always rule the day, but getting the request out would be the first step.

Why would a District/Council need that access? They have reports to see advancements, and they have some access through Internet Advancement

Speaking from experience I would not have been able to help out my district’s units had I not had the experience in the system. If we are asking units to use scoutbook we need to be able to provide the local knowledge to support them.

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Any unit can add their Unit Commissioner to their roster and connect the UC to the Scouts as the unit sees fit.

If anyone not a member of a unit wants to learn more about using Scoutbook, it is better to use the Scoutbook sandbox as you can’t do any “damage” to real records. The sandbox is at https://scoutbookpp.scouting.org.

Having used both the sandbox and the actual site it does not feel the same.

Most people have no idea they can add their UC. Some UC’s have never used scoutbook.

If there was an interactive training course using the sandbox it would make it more effective.

Most UCs will run in fear if shown a computer - just saying

I dunno about most. Many for sure, but we’ve got a couple in our district who are really tech savvy, even though then consider me one of the “young guys”. Of course, there are also the folks at the unit level who complain that they can’t use paper advancement forms anymore.

thanks for your response. This explains a lot.
So council and district staff have to get all of their reporting, etc from my.scouting and IA?

@TomPrz - as noted scoutbook is a unit focused tool. The tools for council/district are in my.scouting.org

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