Council Program Fees

How does the council add a Council Program Fee per adult and youth to Internet Recharter?

For example, in addition to the $12 per person per year for insurance, our council charges $22 per youth per year and $15 per adult per year. I am hoping the total money due calculated in Internet Recharter is the true total cost for our council.

@AdamEverett - that is the council’s purview and they post the appropriate fees. I know my council has done so.

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Our registrar says that they do not know how to do it. I am hoping to find a User Manual or some other documentation that explains the steps so that I can help them out.

Your council has been communicated with by national - if they have ignored said communication they need to reach out to national through their existing mechanisms

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@AdamEverett - a failure on their part does not necessarily cause an urgency on anyone else.

I’m just trying to be helpful. :slight_smile:

But on the flip side, this causes confusion for the units and creates a burden for the Commissioners. The units assume that the fees are calculated correctly and that their credit card will be charged the correct amount. Even with lots of warnings to the units ahead of time, many of them will still believe the total listed in Internet Recharter. Then, after submission, they get a “gotcha!” As a Commissioner, I am trying to be helpful to Registrar and Units.

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@AdamEverett as a commish I also agree - but there are documents (as we all know) that are not “just released”. This is the first council I have heard of that is not setup - so I can only assume it is not wide spread. They need to put in a JIRA ticket through Member Care to get national attention to remedy this.


@AdamEverett - there was I gather registrar training and a sandbox environment available. But as Donovan noted they need to work through internal channels.

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I’m pretty sure the registrars have a means to reach out to each other for help.

My Council (Michigan Crossroads) has their fees already bundled into the total cost in Internet Recharter.

@SteveCagigas - as did mine although we have the odd .04 on the adult side :slight_smile:

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