Recharter Issues

I am the COR for 3 Units and 1 of them will not generate fees for Recharter. The fees default to $0. I am only able to add the fee for “Scout Life”.

The 2nd and 3rd Units will generate fees for all members EXCEPT “New”, which default to $0 as well with no ability to change.

@TraginaNixon these NEW members - are they online applications? then they might have already paid 2022

No, it’s my entire Roster.

talk to council - they can turn in a national ticket for it

Did that; been waiting over a week for a reply. Thought I’d give the forum a shot for a more expedited resolve. The new Scoutbook “help” is very convoluted and frustrating. Used to be able to submit a ticket and have issues fixed in a couple hours. I suppose I’ll wait…