Adult fee total incorrect

The total fee amount for an adult volunteer for Washington Crossing Council (777) for 2022 is supposed to be $50.00, which includes the $45 national membership fee and a $5 local council fee; however, the total fee shown is the system is $50.04:

The extra charge of 4 cents has been confirmed by different units and unit key 3 volunteers to be occurring for adult volunteers in different positions in both packs and troops. Local council staff has so far not been able to determine the source of the problem. I’m assuming that it’s not an opportunity for each adult leader to offer their two cents – twice :grinning: Does anyone have an explanation (not a guess) and a solution for this problem?

FOS??? I passed it to developers @BillCameron

I would also suggest your council put in a JIRA ticket @BillCameron

@BillCameron - I am in WCC as well. I will check mine later. @DonovanMcNeil we have a council fee assessment on youth that took the place of FOS. That fee is $66

The source of the extra 4 cents problem has been identified: The system is assuming that the $5 local council fee for adults can be prorated, so when the $5 is divided by 12 months, it is 0.41667 cents per month, which rounds up to 0.42 cents per month. The 0.42 cents per month times 12 months results in $5.04 for the year instead of $5.00.

It’s not known at this point if a flat local council fee (instead of a prorated one) is supported.

yeah I was about to write that - local councils should already have this info

@BillCameron I think the better question is why would an annual recharter system ever need to prorate something?


Council #576 is getting shorted $0.04 for its $4.00 fee (4/12=0.3333, rounded down to $0.33/mo). BTW, the incorrect calculation applies to both youth and adults.

@DonovanMcNeil do you know how/when councils were informed? So far I am unable to locate the information.

@FarrellGerbode developers just said that Councils knew that this would happen

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