Created Account for me, Connecting with Scout, MBC Dashboard Questions

Hello! I have several questions. I am a merit badge counselor.

I have had several issues with Scoutbook since March 1. I was purged from the system and then reinstated later on in March. My MBC dashboard disappeared and never returned. I have contacted my council but nothing has changed. Is there anything that I can do to get my MBC dashboard back?

I have been unable to search for scouts and most scout have had trouble connecting to me. I have a few to be able to connect to me.

I have recently had an adult leader connect me to a scout. In the process, he created me a Scoutbook account with (removed by Moderator).

(removed by Moderator)

I had my Scoutbook account linked to (removed by Moderator). I had tried to switch my email address from (removed by Moderator) to (removed by Moderator).

Is there anyway to merge the account that currently use with (removed by Moderator) with the new account that the adult leader created with (removed by Moderator)?

(removed by Moderator)

Your help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

@Anne-MariePratt Looking at your first screenshot, your positions are all missing the green shield, which means that your positions are not approved in Scoutbook. I have requested a position sync, and your positions should be approved within about 12 hours.

I will send you a private message for the rest.

Thank you so much! I appreciate it!

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