How to create hyperlink to Scoutbook specific Event RSVP to use in our Group Facebook page?

Anybody know how to do this?

@DaveMedrick - the only thing that exists is the ICS file or url to the unit/sub-unit calendars. I have them as part of our g-site pages

What exactly are you trying to do? Display a link to the event, or create a link to execute the RSVP?

The link to the event gets included in any messages/reminders for the event. If I wanted the URL, I’d send one of those messages to myself and call it a day. You still have to log in/be logged in to Scoutbook for the link to take you anywhere other than the login page, though.

As far as I know, there’s no way to integrate the RSVP functionality (i.e. marking an individual as Y/N for planned attendance) into anything other than the Scoutbook calendar interface where it resides.

I’m not a Facebook guy, but is there no way to include an ICS calendar feed in the page? That seems like the way to go, as each event in the ICS feed has a “more information” link. From there, you can get a link directly to the calendar event at Scoutbook. Again, though, if you’re not logged in to Scoutbook, it does nothing but deliver you to the sign-in page.

You can copy the url from the event page in scoutbook


Thanks. The url only shows when logged in on my PC. Didnt show when using the app on my android phone. Thanks again!

You could also use in your phones browser. That’s what I do. But that’s a good point that the app doesn’t include the url.

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