Crews and Printing Blue Cards

I am unable to print blue cards for Crew members. Anytime I try, I get the attached error.

Do you get the same error message for Venturers who are only registered with your crew? Or do you see the issue with Venturers who are registered with more than one unit?

It looks like all Venturers are currently registered with more than one unit at this time.

I do have a Venturer that is both our Crew and a Troop I have access to. I switched to the Troop dashboard and I was able to print the blue card. Unfortunately, that does not help me in cases of Venturers in units I do not have access to outside of our Crew.

Yes, Iā€™m just trying to see if your issue is related to a known bug with regard to Scouts in multiple units or if this is something new / separate.

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Awesome, looks like it might be related then. Thank you for checking.

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