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Print Blue Cards for Scouts NOT in my unit

I am unable to print blue cards for scouts who are connected to me for merit badges but who are NOT in my troop. I can see them in “my connections” and can even get to the screen where “Print Blue Cards” is an option but those scouts are not visible anywhere on that form for filtering. Is this a feature or a bug?

It depends on how you are connected to the Scout. I believe you need to be connected to the Scout with Full Control in order to print blue cards for the Scout.

Workaround (which may or may not help in your situation) - the Scout’s parents should be able to print the blue card as they have full control over the Scout’s records.

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The reason why this may not work is the process flow is supposed to be:

  1. Scout requests blue card from Scoutmaster
  2. Scoutmaster gives Scout blue card (or marks they had a conversation in Scoutbook)
  3. Scout gives MBC blue card (or MBC confirms conversation box moved to yes in Scoutbook)
  4. MB gives blue card back either signed as complete or initialed as partial (or marked it in Scoutbook)
  5. Scout turns in completed card to SM or keeps partial to complete at another time

So, if a Scout has a partial, you can just mark what they have done in Scoutbook and it would be back in the Scout or Scoutmaster’s hands to get a blue card printed.

But! You may be trying to be nice and help out more than the process requires, which is nice.

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