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I can't print blue cards for my Sea Scouts

I can print a blue card for my son who is a Sea Scout but I can’t for another scout. I am a Skipper and Ship Admin.

My Mate can’t print for either scout as he isn’t a parent to either. Is there a trick?

We can start a MB for the scouts and mark requirements, we can’t print blue cards.

To help us isolate the issue, are either of the scouts still in a troop?

my Son who I can print but the mate can’t is not. He is in a Crew as well as a ship.

The girl is in a Troop, Crew, and Ship

Are the Scouts BSA toggles on (red) in the profile for the Scout’s that you are unable to print Blue Cards?

Yep there are a few issues. No Scout Selector and no Print on blank paper

yes in Red. I was slightly incorrect in my initial description. I can’t even print my sons blue card if I go through the ship. If I go through the crew I can print his blue card and the other scout.

crazy I missed it not even having print button - it is reported

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